Academic Papers & Illustrated Talks (Saturday)


   Keynote Plenary Session - Richard Demarco
& Arthur Watson
 - 3F01 

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers
09:30 – 11:30

Session 29: Room 3G02
Digital Discoveries in Print
Chair: Tim O’Riley

Carinna Parraman
Blueprints for colour mixing:
Towards 2.5D textural printing

John Haworth
Creativity, Imagination and Innovation
in Digital Fine Art Printmaking

Paul Thompson and Jon Pengelly
Walking in the Garden of Forking Paths –
examining notions of ‘post-physical’ printmaking in digital space.

Session 30: Room 3G05
International Perspectives
Chair: Dominic Thorburn

Taida Jasaravic
Contemporary Printmaking in Japan:
Diversity and Abundance

Maristela Salvatori
Expressions of the multiple –
the attraction of the mark

Selvihan KILIC
Printmaking in Turkey and
Precedent of “Mustafa Aslıer”

Session 31: Room 2S15
Archives & Collections
Chair: Paul Croft

Jo Stockham
No Map No Body

Carrie Ida Edinger
Print Media Coupon as Artifact

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers
09:30 – 11:30

Panel 15: Room 2F11
New Challenges in Print Media
Chair: Michael Schneider

Chiara Giorgetti

Patricia Villalobos Echeverria

Panel 16: Room 2F13
Practice Based PhD
Chair: Paul Coldwell & Marian Crawford

Johanna Love

Ruth Pelzer-Montada

Paul Laidler

Panel 17: Room 2F14
Appropriation in Post Digital Practices
Chair: Mary Hood

Julie Anand

Panel 18: Room 2F15
Print Workshops and the Future of Printmaking in the UK
Chair: Sean Rorke

Invited representatives of UK Print Workshops.