Academic Posters

Academic Poster Exhibitors and Titles
11.30 –13.30, Level 5 Matthew Building DJCAD

Hanneke Barendregt (link to page)
Boundless Amsterdam: Border-Crossing in Three-Dimensional Form

Julie Barratt (link to page)
Beyond the Visual

Angie Butler (link to page)
Investigating Letterpress as a Contemporary Process Within Book Arts Practice

Sofie Dederen(link to page)
Ivan Durt
 (link to page)
Frans Masereel Centrum- An Exploration of Expertise

Jill Fitterer (link to page)


Gloria Bohorquez Florez (link to page)

Kirsty Hendry(link to page) 
Rip Off


Scott Hudson (link to page)
The Sambaa K’e

Scott Hudson & Chris Kelly (link to page)
Print Summer Schools: A Unique Route to Health and Wellbeing through Printmaking


Andrew Hurle (link to page)
Forging Value: An Etymology of Monetary Signification

Raluca Iancu (link to page)
Crossing Boarders


Robert Jackson (link to page)
Eye Can Draw

Sezin Turk Kaya (link to page)
General View to Collagraphy in Turkey

Irena Keckes (link to page)
Printmaking and Eco-Buddhism

Imi Maufe (link to page)
LK243 UnderSail – A Sailing Residency

Phyllis McGibbon (link to page)
At the Nexus: International Exchange via the Scottish Print Workshops: 1983-2013

Carinna Parraman (link to page)

Michael Reed (link to page)
A Transgression is an Offensive Act Crossing Ethical and Political Boundaries

Sean Rorke (link to page)
Print Workshops and the Future of Printmaking in the UK

Ruth Simons (link to page)
In the Eye of the Beholder: The Rose Grape- Friend or Foe?

Jenny Smith (link to page)
What is the Best Advice You Have Given?

Paul Thompson (link to page)
Born Digital- New Materialities

Katie Vaughan (link to page)
Can contemporary materials and modern day techniques be used to create 3D-printed ceramics inspired by ancient Egyptian faience?