Open Folios

Open Folio Exhibitors and Titles
11.30 –13.30, Level 5 Matthew Building DJCAD

Reetta Ahonen (link to page)
Indirect Glances Stitch My Brian

Monika Auch (link to page)
Stitch My Brain

Hanneke Barendregt (link to page)
Boundless Amsterdam: Border-Crossing in Three-Dimensional Form

Susanna Castleden (link to page)
Back and Forth, Give and Take

Paul Croft (link to page)
Collaborations: Aberystwyth

Nicholas Devison (link to page)
Road Sweepers and Dust Junkies

Alexandra Emberley (link to page)
MFA Print Portfolio

Amanda Forrest (link to page)
A Body’s Understanding

Joanna Foster (link to page)
Journey and Encounter

Ruthann Godollei (link to page)
Dissent: Upstream/Downstream

Mark Graver (link to page)
Parallel Prints

John Haworth (link to page)
“In the Right Place”and”Vibrant Transience”

Nick Heynsbergh (link to page)
The Hidden Homosexuality of Seductive Figures in the Past and Present

Stephen Hoskins (link to page)
Selected Works

Raluca Iancu (link to page)
Crossing Boarders

Sezin Turk Kaya (link to page)

Irena Keckes (link to page)
The Resonance of Repetition: Printmaking and Ecologically Engaged Buddhism

Jessie Lewis (link to page)

Antonietta Covino (link to page)
Rocordi – Souvenirs 

Johanna Love (link to page)
Dust: Defining the Invisible

Madeline Mackay (link to page)
Living Things

Ellen Karin Maehulum (link to page)
Plankton Portraits

Rita Marhaug (link to page)
Random Reasons

Lisa Matthias (link to page)
Field Notes

Jo Milne (link to page)
Split Infinities

Betty Musgrove (link to page)
Identity Formation Through Genetics, Family History and the Family Photo Collection

Jimmy Pasakos (link to page) 
Goldfields Printmakers – Boarders and Crossings

Sumi Perera (link to page)
Your Space or Mine?

Linsay Proctor (link to page)
Traditional and contemporary examples of underglaze tissue printed ceramics.

Stephen Ratomski (link to page)
20:13 A Print Suite

Carl Rowe (link to page)
NUA international Print Portfolios

Natalie Russell (link to page)
Open Sketchbook

Melissa Schulenberg (link to page)
20 Artists/ 20 Views: Contemporary Mokuhanga

Grace Sippy (link to page)

Wieslaw Smunzy (link to page)
Body Print on Paper

Darian Goldin Stahl (link to page)
Lived Scans

Penelope Stewart (link to page)
Yael Brotman (link to page)
Boundless and Borderless: a Portfolio Exchange Project

Rebecca Teigland (link to page)
Ephemeral Moments in Porcelain

Susanne Thea (link to page)
Where the Border of Water Meets the Air, Dragonflies Gather Paraphrase of the Bayeux by Susanna Thea

Paul Thompson (link to page)
Born Digital-New Materialities

Katie Vaughan (link to page)
Can contemporary material and modern day techniques be used to create 3D-printed ceramics inspired by ancient Egyptian faience?

Gini Wade (link to page)
Crossing the Line – A Journey from Illustrator to Printmaker

Katie Ward (link to page)
Pictorial Excerpts