Angie Butler

Angie Butler
University of West England, Bristol


Angie is a current practice-led PhD. research student based at The Centre For Fine Print Research, at The University Of The West Of England, Bristol (UWE). Holding Masters Degrees in MD Printmaking and Visual Culture: Fine Art, she has a multi-disciplinary approach to making, working within artists’ books, predominantly using letterpress as a means of production. Following a residency at The Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA), Angie set up LEN: The Letterpress Etiquette Network as part of a Book Arts and Letterpress Internship at CFPR in 2011/12. Find out more about LEN at, Angie’s research project at and her press at

Poster Presentation

Investigating letterpress as a contemporary process within book arts practice.
I am interested in examining how we learn to design and create artists’ books through letterpress; to gain an understanding of how contemporary book artists using letterpress have influenced what is produced in the field, and how this relates back in to studio and private press practice.

Selected letterpress/book artist practitioners will be investigated through interviews and collaborative print projects. These will be used as critical case studies studying a variety of practical and conceptual approaches in order to ascertain best practice methods for contemporary letterpress artists’ books production and educational instruction.