Finlay Taylor

Finlay Taylor
Royal College of Art


Finlay Taylor is Senior Tutor in Printmaking at the RCA and completed his masters at Wimbledon School of Art. Finlay’s work inspects aspects of the landscape and natural history often investigating specific sites and species.

In 2003 He was awarded the Boise Travel Scholarship to journey to the Monarch butterfly winter roosting sites in Mexico. In 1999 Taylor established Pupa Press to produce his own book works and multiples and also work with invited artists. Taylor has curated exhibitions exploring artists currently working with ideas of landscape and the environment and participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Themed Panel (Suggested)

‘Transverse Mappings: Print, Media and Beyond
In 1968 the critic Leo Steinberg (1920-2011), introduced to the audience of a lecture at MoMA, New York the notion of the ‘Flatbed.’ The term was borrowed from the flat bed of the printing press in order to register the unwieldy pressure put upon traditional notions of the picture plane by the art of the time (in particular that of Robert Rauschenberg), and a conception that did justice to the possibility of a ground open to receive the technological dynamics of new media together with the mediated image.

This panel takes its starting point from Steinberg’s usage of print media as a means for broadening the remit of the art object and its potential role as interface. This conception allows for a rethinking of print media as no longer simply a technical support but synthesizing and negotiating a variety of representational, formal and technical tools. While some have called for a return to media-specificity, what does this mean for the expanded field of print, a medium that has always traversed media? How do we negotiate practices that lie both in the traditional core of printmaking and also at its edges and periphery? What, is the binding element, the current ‘flatbed’?