Hanneke Barendregt

Hanneke Barendregt


Artist Books in Transparency, Printmaking ‘in Glass’
Boundless Amsterdam wishes to present the concept of a border-crossing project of the Amsterdam Graphic Atelier (AGA). For at least two years Boundless Amsterdam strives to be a project in three dimensional situations in Printmaking. As one of the members of the AGA and member of the Boundless Think Tank I like to show new series of Artist Books, based on printmaking ´in Glass´.

My name is Hanneke Barendregt, Artist in Fine Art in Printmaking and Drawing and specialized in Artist Books. Artist Books as an independent object in Paper, in Stone, in Ceramics and also now ´in Glass´. It is possible to read my books; sometimes a few words and sometimes more. Most of my books have a connection with silkscreen or woodblock printmaking.

The last few months I had specialized in printmaking ´in glass´ for new series of my Artist Books. In the Netherlands ´on glass´ is well known; ´in glass´ is very special. I had worked for 3 months at a Glass Studio in Amsterdam to do the steps for the casting process in double- and three double blocks. I did build up the several layers in glass – with wax and molds – and printmaking in between. The screen-printing is done on the AGA with ceramic glaze ink on water base.

Some of my glass books are single objects; some are small installations with folding papers.

Poster Presentation

Border-Crossing in three-dimensional form
Boundless Amsterdam wishes to present the concept of a border-crossing project of the Amsterdam Graphic Atelier. As one of the members of the Think Tank of Boundless Amsterdam I like to show the intentions of Boundless Amsterdam with the images of the Kick-Off. For all the visitors there will be a folding extract!

In 2012 the Amsterdam Graphic Atelier started the project Boundless Amsterdam. For at least two years Boundless Amsterdam strives to be a boundary-crossing project. Individual artists, Designers, Art Centers and Art Institutes are invited to submit ideas. The AGA will profile itself as a center of knowledge by sharing creative processes and results via weblogs, a symposium, workshops, publications and exhibitions.
Printmaking is known as a reproductive technique, producing multiple identical prints in numbered, limited editions. Traditional prints are two-dimensional, intended to be framed and displayed on the wall. Are these the limits of printmaking? What happens if the traditional boundaries of presentation, use of materials, techniques and two-dimensionality are changed? What is the influence of new media, 3D printing and fashion on graphic art?

The visual arts and crafts is influenced by new technological developments. Cross-fertilization between traditional printmaking techniques and 3D printing, laser cutting, digital photography or unusual materials like ceramics and glass create surprising, new results. Institutes and workshops are invited to participate and to offer technical support.

Boundless Amsterdam started in September 2012 with the Kick-Off Exhibition in Amsterdam. Individual artists and Institutes are invited to submit ideas. For the coming years artists from different disciplines will be invited to submit a research proposal for an Artist’s Residency.