Jimmy Pasakos

Jimmy Pasakos
Goldfields Printmakers,University of Ballarat,Print Council of Australia,
Art Gallery of Ballarat



I am a Printmaker from Victoria, Australia. My studies involved BA, Honours and Masters in Fine Art majoring in Printmaking. My themes have varied from the hard lines of Docklands and cityscapes, to regional and country backdrops that invite many interpretations on the landscapes. I have had many solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and am represented in various National collections.

I am a Visual Arts lecturer, teaching into the disciplines of Printmaking and Digital at the University of Ballarat, Arts Academy. An important aspect of my role as a Lecturer is community engagement, resulting in me creating the Goldfields Printmakers.

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Goldfields Printmakers ‘Borders and Crossings’
Collaboration and Print: Journeys across Disciplines, Dialogues in Print

Goldfields Printmakers is a new group of regional practitioners living and working in the west of Melbourne, Australia. This initiative aims to promote printmaking and support artists who come from far and wide to participate in this programme and contribute their knowledge to their discipline. It provides a forum to network and to share experiences of living in the goldfields, which will enhance and foster new relationships to enrich and provide exciting outcomes to both the group and to individual members.

‘Borders and Crossings’ reflects our home state of Victoria, covers an area about the same as England, Wales and Scotland. Heading west from the capital city of Melbourne you arrive at Ballarat, a most significant and historical town. Most importantly it is the site of the ‘Eureka Stockade’ where in 1854 events forged Australia’s identity and, some may argue, Australia’s democracy.

There is reflection upon the cultural significance in this project in regards to community engagement and the role that distance plays in the formation of this Printmaking group and its many guises can engage, stimulate and provide a valuable contribution to not only the artists themselves but to the wider regional audience.

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‘Goldfields Printmakers – Borders and Crossings’
It is an ideal opportunity for the recently formed Goldfields Printmakers to send, cross-disciplinary works on a journey from regional Australia to Scotland.

Prior to arriving at IMPACT8, the works have been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The works will then travel to New Zealand in 2014 and be exhibited at the Art at Wharepuke Gallery.

The aim of the Goldfields Printmakers is to embark on our own journey and to tell our story through print, molding our own identity and leaving a legacy for new printmakers who come through the region. Our journey has just begun.