Preeti Sood

Preeti Sood
Arts University Bournemouth


Preeti Sood is an Indian artist/printmaker currently living and working in Southern England. She has a BFA in Printmaking from Chandigarh College of Arts and a MFA in Printmaking from Santiniketan, West Bengal. Sood also has a MA in printmaking from Camberwell, UAL. Sood explores contemporary laser technology in conjunction with traditional printmaking. Her practice has evolved into an exploration of displacement experienced by individuals inhabiting other cultures. Sood is a member of the Printmakers Council and has exhibited internationally: Singapore, London, Delhi, New York and Canada. She is currently a visiting lecturer and runs the printmaking department at the Arts University Bournemouth and was a Print Artist Fellow at the University of Lincoln

Master Demonstration

Cutting Edge – Laser technology meets the traditional lino block
The interface between traditional and digital printing, using photographic imagery, is recognised in etching and screen-printing but has not been extensively examined in lino cut. This demonstration will show how a unique visual language can be established combining traditional hand-cutting skills with laser-cutting technology thereby promoting a relevant, contemporary vocabulary. I will be demonstrating a new set of tools on the computer, which will be used to make creative marks on the lino and will retain the integrity and identity of the medium. We are in the age of digital media, where printmakers are working with digital technology to constantly redefine fine art printmaking. This spirit of technological innovation has encouraged me to explore an aspect of new technology in conjunction with traditionally practised linocut through laser cutting. I will examine ways in which the medium of lino cutting can be re-invented using computer generated mark-making and photographic imagery.

This demonstration will examine the new language to make marks on relief surfaces. I will be demonstrating the combinations of traditional hand cutting methods with laser cutting techniques to extend the conventional processes and redefine the territory of lino printing. The transfer of the digital and photographic images on this relief surface will provide a new arena of imagery to manipulate, thereby creating a new trajectory of fine art printmaking.

Illustrated Talk

Beyond the boundaries of the print studio and frame
Production of prints is increasingly being executed beyond the territory of the traditional print studio. The printed outcome can often break the boundaries of the picture frame and increasingly printmakers are finding new forms of display and installation of printworks which go beyond the convention of the framed work on paper in a white cube gallery space.
This joint paper examines the moves by artist-printmakers to work outside the confines of the print studio or the picture frame. Illustrated by reference to a number of case studies, hitherto unpublished, we will look at ways in which prints are being produced in non-traditional settings and using innovative methods. We will examine how the concept, form and context of printed outcomes often dictates new and unorthodox modes of display and installation.

The illustrated talk will consider the implications of the expanded field of printmaking on the status and identity of printmaking in the early 21st century.