Reetta Ahonen

Reetta Ahonen 


I am a visual artist, a printmaker and an art historian and the teacher of them.
I live and work in a small Finnish town, in the northern Europe, on the north-east border of European Union, where the contrast between the nature and built environment is quite striking. Sometimes I like to work in artists´ residencies abroad, in big cities like Rome and Paris. I have taken part in many international exhibitions and got prizes, acknowledgements and awards. My large and multicolor woodcut prints are included in many contemporary art collections.

Open Folio

Indirect Glances
It is the landscape that I study, an urban landscape, past and present. My work brings together the viewpoints of an artist and an art historian on the urban environment and its documentation. 

I am interested in different gaze. For example I pay attention to reflections on different surfaces, on a back of the chair or on a car bonnet and I may distance realistic streetscapes as reflections through the windows. I load meanings not only into the content and expression but also into my work process: Reality – Reflection. This is for me a way to see, analyze and valuate.