SAE Oshio

SAE Oshio
“Japan Print Association”   “The Committee of Art and Print Studies in Japan”

Open Book 1

“KAORI” Whereabouts of the fragment
I think there is “the existence” and “the time” that I can reconfirm from a trace.
I print the trace of various fragments which came across daily life. then I perform the collage and drawing .it is expressed “conversion of sound and fragrance” and “confirmation of the place” on canvas. This work is a collection of drawing using the woodcut..

Open Book 2

“Save As”
the work is an adventure’s itinerary that is composed by some media work using indirect expression.the project of work makes an observation on the concept of indirect expression(It is rearranged by the interposition of others.), and we have focused on the process of creation.
Work form: box type 21cm× 21cm× 10cm
This work is composed of digital print and drawing using wood cut , movie and sculpture.