Selvihan KILIÇ

Selvihan KILIÇ
Balıkesir Üniversitesi


She was born in Adapazarı, in 1982. She graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Education, Art Teaching Department in 2004 and from Social Sciences Institute Printmaking Department MA Programe in 2007. She is currently a student Profficiency Of Art Program at Anadolu University, Institute Of Fine Arts, Department Of Printmaking. She works as a Lecturer at Balıkesir University, Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Printmaking.

Academic Paper

Printmaking in Turkey and Precedent of “Mustafa Aslıer”
Art which is carried on as a common language in various methods and forms by artists, with the effect of environment and era since the beginning of mankind. Interaction of printmaking, one of the art products that has been based its origin on very early ages, between the east and the west is incontrovertible. Due to its reproducibility, traditional printmaking that still continues its existence in the electronic media which has become widespread through the fast-growing technology has assisted artists to be able to reach audiences and convey their own ways of expressions.
The story about the existence of the printmaking within the borders of Turkey with a monumental quality that Mustafa Aslıer, who has an important place amongst the Turkish printmaking artists, brought in his figures and their fictions by his plain and symbolist manner he acquired in his prints has been discussed in this study.