Sezin Türk Kaya

Sezin Türk Kaya
Uludag University


2004 Arts And Crafts Education Department, Anadolu University Faculty Of Education
2007 Printmaking Department, Anadolu University, Hochschule Für Angewandte Wissenschaft Und Kunst, Hawk, Germany
2011 Painting Department Phd, Anadolu University Graduate School of Fine Arts
2008 – 2012 Balıkesir University Faculty of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department, Lecturer
2012 Uludağ University Faculty Of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Assist Prof

Poster Presentation

General View to Collagraphy in Turkey
The forms, made from molds to be printed to make copies are in the traditional Turkish arts such as writing. The tradition of printing in Anatolia started from the very old times. Carving and printing tradition come into people’s daily lives with their necessities and sliding time or modifying conditions.

Although the idea of reproducing the forms, made by being printed from a specific mold and their implementation is often used very widely in Turkey, its background in Turkey does not come from so old years. Original printmaking captured the largest output in Turkey after the 1960s.

Appliances in the techniques such as mono printing, linoleum, woodcut, etching, lithograph, serigraphy developed after the periods of the 1960s. Increasing of the appliances came to different results. All these are important steps which create the artists’ original technical languages. All these effects caused the experimental pursuits to appear in the Turkish Original Printmaking.

Generally, tending to collagraphy from the printmaking art appears with individual experiments. Some important people who shape Today’s Turkish Printmaking have tried collagraphy.

The Works, which are produced by the original printmaking artists in Turkey and the products of their experimental searches, have gone increasing in recent years. This interest opens up new frontiers to the original printmaking by mixing with the Today’s art sense.


The artist created the original works with the technique of collagraphy, which were
provided with experimentation. The back of the existing space descriptions of the nature of post-war effect, thrown to the image of a community, previously unseen figures, giving a sense of not to draw a picture.The layer on the plate dies and plate also the separation of layers in itself was attractive and the router for artist.