Stephanie Turnbull

Stephanie Turnbull
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Artists Books 3.0, formed by Robert Heather (Australia) is an on-line site for artists from all over the world producing book works in all their various manifestations. Collaborative Mail Art Books was a group formed on this site by Cheryl Penn to stimulate and co-ordinate the assembly of collaborative books. Penn began a project titled 3.0 as a series of collaborations in January 2011. From small beginnings of five participants, the latest project titled 3.0 # 9 Borders and Crossings boasts fourteen intercontinental book artists collaborating in celebration of Impact.

Open Book

0.3#9 Borders & Crossings
0.3 #9 ‘Borders and Crossings’ has 15 participants from 10 different countries, and for the first time will welcome two artists from Asia into the collaborative fold. When Cheryl Penn (South Africa) started the group, the book size and format was set as a simple concertina fold which has proven to be an extremely manipulative and versatile format. The group is open, so any artist can suggest a theme, and if there is sufficient interest, artists can sign up to participate. This makes each project unique and creates an opportunity to collaborate with artists from all around the world.