Susanne Thea

Susanne Thea
University of Wales, Newport


Susanne Thea born 1954, educated in Australia and Denmark, is an acknowledged artist whose 72-meter ”Paraphrase of the Bayeux Tapestry” and uniquely personal figurative language has attracted international attention from museums, galleries and academies of art, giving lectures and introductions to her inventive and witty figurative language and the etching and printing techniques she favors.

Open Folio

Where the border of water meets the air, dragonflies gather (victory, succes, promotion)” and “Paraphrase of the Bayeux Tapestry by Susanne Thea”
Dragonfly Portfolio, Where the Border of Water Meets the Air, Dragonflies Gather, organized by Danish artist Susanne Thea and American artist Diana Eicher, consists of printing works by 13 contemporary artists from Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. Each artist working in traditional printmaking techniques such as screen-printing, relief, intaglio, and lithography – responding to the theme as the artist being the explorer. Much as the dragonfly must negotiate and delicate balance at the lake’s edge between water and air, the artist must pursue a path of inspiration that balances creative impulse and artistic promotion to achieve an overall victory.