Workshop Demonstrations/Masterclasses

Workshop Demonstrations/Masterclasses

11.30 –, Printmaking Workshops,
Crawford Building, DJCAD

Andrew Baldwin(link to page)
Exploring the Versatility of B.I.G. the Safer Etching Ground

Kari Laitenen(link to page)
Altnernative Block materials for Japanese Woodblock Printmaking

Chika Ito(link to page)
Silk Screen Artists/ Wim Habraken Exploring Silkscreen Ink the Dutch-Japanese Way

Mark Hunter(link to page)
Waterless Lithography and Stone Lithography @ DOJCA Printmaking Workshops.

Michael Shorter(link to page)
Conductive Ink Workshop: Making Paper Work

11.30 –, DCA Print Studio, DCA

Galip Buyukyildirim(link to page)
Ebru Printing on Water

James Ehlers(link to page)
Metal Engraving DCA

Robert Jackson(link to page)
Eye-drawing at DCA Print Studio

Preeti Sood(link to page)
Cutting Edge – Laser Technology Meets the Traditional Lino