Conference Exhibitions

Over fifty conference exhibitions will be held in the
Crawford Building at DJCAD and will be open from
Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st August.
These will include:


Venue 1 – Lower Foyer Gallery

Scottish Print Network (link to page)
Exhibition of Prints from Members of the Scottish Print Network

Venue 2 – General Course Studio 3

Marnie Blair (link to page)
Terminal Work

Sean Caulfield (link page)
The Industrial Landscape: A Print Installation and Chine Colle Demo


Caroline Durre (link to page)
Within the labyrinth: an installation of collaged photo-techniques

Alexandra Emberley (link to page)
Lure or Learning from Fur

Henrik Hey (link to page)
Summer Rain/Spring Snow

Kim McDonald (link to page)
Zone of Sensation

Nan Mulder (link to page)
Double Vision

Venue 3 – General Course Studio 4

Rosalind Atkins (link to page)
Susan Purdy (link to page)


Milos Dordevic
Dislocation | Sectopn B (Awaiting Info)

Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen (link to page)

Xavier Meade (link to page)
Purakau = a Maori Term Referring to Myths, Legends and “Lessons for Life”
Aotearoa Liberators

Peter Moseley (link to page)
‘The Time of my Life” – Photogravure Portraiture – Peter Moseley


Venue 4 – General Course Studio 1 & 2

Sarah Dudley (link to page)
Ulriche Kuhle
(link to page)
The Long and Winding Road from New Mexico to Berlin

Stefanie Dykes(link to page)
‘A Token Gesture’

David Ferry(link to page)
The Wicker Man; & A Fictional Scottish Island Cir. 1973; (a ‘printed and collaged homage)

Deanna Hitti
The Green Line
(Awaiting Info)

Linda Jules(link to page)

University of Alberta
Out of Frame

Akky van Ogtrop/Print Council of Australia(link to page)
Peripheral Vision, Australian Prints since 1968

Venue 5 – General Course Studio 5

Alastair Clark(link to page)

Tara Cooper(link to page)

Marian Crawford(link to page)
Black Luminosity: Climate Change, the Earth and Visibility

Josephine Ganter(link to page)

Christina Hallstrom

Jenny Peterson(link to page)

Venue 6 – General Course Corridor

Paul Croft(link to page)
Space Between: Developing Digital Lithography

John Phillips(link to page)
Paterei: Captive Light

Venue 7 – Level 4 Rooms 432 A/B

Emily Arthur (link to page)
John Hitchcock (link to page)

Crossing State Lines: A Survey of American Printmaker

Reinhard Behrens (link to page)
The Naboland Interior

Deborah Cornell (link to page)
Kathryn Maxwell (link to page)

Synapse: The Point of Contact between Science and Art

Wuon Gean Ho (link to page)
Unending Forest

Stephen Ratomski (Dunfermline Print Studio) (link to page)

Eddie Summerton (link to page)
David Faithfull(link to page)

Perennial Drift

Mark Wallace (link to page)
Swifty (link to page)

Rhythm in Print: The Record as Art and Artefact

Kate Zizys (link to page)
Kerry Spokes (link to page)


Venue 8 – Animation Corridor

Dariusz Kaca (link to page)
Heaven or Sky? Cycle of Linocuts


Paul Laidler & CFPR(link to page)
Just Press Print

Venue 9 – Level 2 Room


Noelle Noonan (link to page)
Catherine Hehir(link to page)
Trapper 2


Erik Brunvand (link to page)
Homespun Technology

Valdergur Hauksdottir (link to page)
An exhibition of mixed media prints by Valgerdur Hauksdottir

Venue 10 – Animation studios (Artists Books)

Siobhan Piercy (link to page)
‘Foreign Bodies’

Sara Bowen (link to page)
Conversations: artists’ books from BookArtObject Edition Four

Randi Annie Strand (link to page)


Aine Scannel (link to page)
Creative ‘alteration’ of the POD (print on demand) book


Stephanie Turnbull (link to page)
0.3#9 Borders & Crossings


Ousama Lazkani(link to page)
‘East meets West via the bit in the Middle: Traditional to Digital


Hanneke Barendregt(link to page)
Artist Books in Transparency, Printmaking ‘in Glass’

Jane Hyslop
Nicky Melville(link to page)
David Faithfull(link to page)
A68 Boxed Multiple Exhibition

Venue 11 – Old Entrance Foyer

Robert Jackson(link to page)
Eye Can Draw

Across the City

Cork Printmakers & CIT Crawford College of Art & Design(link to page)