Academic Papers & Illustrated Talks (Thursday)

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   Keynote Plenary Session - DC Thomson - 3F01 

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers 11:00 – 12:30

Session 1: Room 3G02
Narratives of Exploration
Chair: Marian Crawford

Beauvais Lyons
The Legacy of Reverend James Randolph Denton

Reinhard Behrens
40 Years of Expeditions into Naboland

Leonie Connellan
Once Upon A Spacetime: the exploration of science and story

Session 2: Room 3G05
New Media & Methods Chair: Erik Brunvand

Stephen Hoskins
3D printing for the visual arts

Erik Brunvand
Automated Drawing: Exploring the Boundaries Between Print and Drawing

Simone O’Callaghan
A Medium in the Liminal Zone: Exploring New Territories for Printmaking

Session 3: Room 2G11
Borders & Crossings in South Africa
Chair:Kathryn Smith

Dominic Thorburn
BORDERLINE – Sweeping a Mind Field

Vulindlela Nyoni
Settling In: Print based reflections on representations of Zimbabwean Diaspora living in South Africa

Marion Arnold
Cross-Cultural Journeys between Africa and the West via Print

Session 4: Room 2F11
Exploring Artists Books 1
Chair:Tom Sowden

Sarah Bodman
Artists as 21st Century Explorers of the Book

Anna Brown & Patricia Thomas
When is a Book Not a Book?

Tim Mosely
The Book a quintessential medium for a haptic practice

Session 5: Room 2F13
Printed Memory
Chair: Deborah Cornell

Deidre Brollo
A Book for my Guide: The Artist’s Book and the Exploration of Memory

Melanie McKee
Printmaker as Explorer: Navigating a course through memories of Marston Farm

Clare Humphries
Crossing over: What remains and what returns

Session 6: Room 2F14
Chair: Calum Colvin

Ruth Pelzer-Montada

John Phillips
Tallinn, London, Tehran: Facilitating Intercultural Dialogue Through Print

Session 7: Room 2F15
The Printer’s Eye
Chair: David Ferry

Robert Jackson
Human-computer interaction: Exploring eye-tracking as a drawing methodology for print artists with disabilities.

David Lyons
Double Blind Test Series

Marina Mangubi
Neuroscience and the Printmaking Method

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers 01:30 – 03:00

Session 8: Room 3G02
Stories and Myths in Print
Chair: Valgerdur Hauksdottir

David Ferry
Summerisle Revisited: The Artist’s Cut

Anna Schilo
The shadow chaser: of colportage, printmaking and folk tales.

Natalie Russell
‘Lost for Words’

Session 9: Room 3G05
Collaboration Pressing the Boundaries of Print
Chair: Stephen Hoskins

Stephen Hoskins
‘A Very English Process’ Underglaze tissue printing for ceramics

Annis Fitzhugh
Numerical Manoeuvres: The printer’s hand in a post-digital world

Emilie Owens
Candid: Documentary film from the National Gallery of Australia’s Kenneth Tyler Printmaking Collection
Session 10: Room 2G11
Navigating New Territories: Celtic Diaspora
Chair: Murdo Macdonald

Emily Arthur
A Cherokee Story of Celtic Crossings

Juliana O’Dean
Ancient Earth, Fresh Ground: A Contemporary Exploration of Terrain through the Printed Mark

Murdo Macdonald
Printmaking and the Scottish Gàidhealtachd.

Session 11: Room 2F11
Exploring Artists Books 2
Chair: Sarah Bodman

Sara Bowen
Conversations: artists’ books from BookArtObject Edition Four

Emma Bolland

Marian Crawford
Works of Protest

Session 12: Room 2F13
Connecting Traditions
Chair: Gavin Renwick

Scott Hudson
The Sambaa K’e Print Studio – Printmaking in the Western Arctic

Nancy Campbell
Hot Metal and Frozen Paper: Printing in Arctic Greenland

Akky Van Ogtrop
International Investigations in Print. Navigating New Territories/Connecting Traditions: Recent Prints in Australia

Session 13: Room 2F14
Beyond the Flatlands:

Chair: Carinna Parraman

Ben Partridge

Nathan Meltz
Adventures in 4-D: Printmaking and Non-Static Forms

Andrew Super
Romanticising YouTube: Digital Sublimity Through Print

Session 14: Room 2F15
Mechanical Process and Space
Chair: TBA

Erik Brunvand
Electrified Printmaking: Using Conductive Ink to Create Active Images

Andrew Hurle
Currency in Abstraction: Early experiments in mechanical engraving

Shelley James
Crossing the line: mechanical reproduction and illusions of space

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers 03:30 – 05:00

Panel 1: Room 3G02
Intimate Collaborations
Chair: Liz Ingram

Sean Caulfield

Berndt Hildebrandt

Daniella Schluter

Marc Seigner

Panel 2: Room 3G05
Transverse Mappings

Chair: Veronique Chance

Nicholas Devison

Johanna Love

Finlay Taylor

Panel 3: Room 2G11
Collaborations in Print

Chair:Paul Liam Harrison

Teresa Cole
The Connections between Skill and Place: Working with Master Sari Printers in Kolkata, India

Chris Taylor
Assegno in Bianco / Blank Cheque

Christina Wrege
The Collaborative as Key Aesthetic of Contemporary Printmaking

Panel 4: Room 2F11
Artists Books: Histories & Futures

Chair:David Faithfull

Anna Brown & Patricia Thomas
Artists’ Books; Histories and Futures.

Helen Douglas
The Book Artist as Explorer

Ousama Lazkani

Tim Mosely
The Book: a quintessential medium for a haptic practice

Monica Oppen
Book is a Four Letter Word

Panel 5: Room 2F13
Print & Place: Remote Environments

Chair: Gavin Renwick

Yael Brotman & Penelope Stewart
The Wacousta Syndrome.

Sandi Hook
Artists – Explorers: Investigations into Visual Interpretations of ‘Place

Gini Wade
Adventures in Printmaking – from the Wild West to the Far East

Panel 6: Room 2F14
Crossing the Cinematic
Chair: Amanda Lee

Endi Poskevic

Jenny Schmid

Erik Waterkotte

Panel 7: Room 2F15
Traversing Print Media
Chair: Annis Fitzhugh

Paul Coldwell
The practice-based PhD in Printmaking

Peter McCallion
Print Media

Melissa Olen
Artist Influenced Approaches for Colour Reproduction in Inkjet Printing