Academic Papers & Illustrated Talks (Friday)


  Keynote Plenary Session - Suzanne Anker - 3F01
09:00 – 10.30


Keynote Plenary Session - Teruo Isomi - 3F01 
17:00 – 18.30 

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers
11:00 – 12:30

Session 15: Room 3G02
Science in Print
Chair: Paul Liam Harrison

Barbara Zeigler
Positioning: Art and the Life Sciences

Tim O’Riley
Exactitude and

Monika Auch

Session 16: Room 3G05
Trans Media Journeys
Chair:Kathryn Maxwell

Tracy Mackenna
Republished Matter: a philosophical
story translated through time, medium and space.

Susanna Castleden
Travelling in the absence of a known itinerary:
making a round-the-world print.

Michael Griffiths & Preeti Sood
Beyond the boundaries of the print
studio and frame

Session 17: Room 2G11
Journeys in Lithography
Chair:Stephen Hoskins

Marjorie Devon
“Vocabulary Lessons:
The Artist and a New Language”

Sarah Dudley
Around the World with 80 Grit:
the Printmaker as Nomad

Mark Hunter
Waterless Lithography :–
from Dundee to Canada , Bavaria , and Beyond

Session 18: Room 2F11
International Connections
Chair:Dominic Thorburn

Richard Noyce
The Continuing Journey

Nan Mulder & Gea Karhof
Double Vision

Lucrecia Urbano
Zona Imaginaria – Contemporary Graphic Studio + Residence

Session 19: Room 2F13
Nature In Print
Chair: TBA

Fritha Langerman
Cover to Cover: The Contribution of the Book to the Reproduction of Linear, Hierarchical Models of Natural History.

Matthew Jarron
A Sketch of the Universe: science,
art and the influence of D’Arcy Thompson

Mary Rosengren
Yonder: research journeys in art and science

Session 20: Room 2F14
History and Techniques
Chair: TBA

Thomas Middlemost
Australian Monotypes

Rosalind Whitman
The Peacock’s Tail: etching as an alchemical journey

Peter Moseley
Manipulation of inkjet negative

Session 21: Room 2F15
Print Exchange
Chair: TBA

John Phillips
Tallinn, London, Tehran: Facilitating
Intercultural Dialogue Through Print

Michael Reed & Xavier Meade

Kim Lowe
Shared Lines: Sendai/
Christchurch Art Exchange

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers
01:30 – 03:00

Session 22: Room 3G02
Print in Science
Chair: Paul Liam Harrison

Sean Caulfield

Kathryn Smith
Incident Room: Jacoba ‘Bubbles’ Schroeder 1949 – 2012

Beatrice Haines
Forensic Art; Seeking Meaning in Small Things

Session 23: Room 3G05
Crossing Disciplines
Chair:Tom Sowden

David Huson
3D Printing of self-glazing ceramics:
an investigation into Egyptian faience

Alasdair Bremner & Tracy Hill
Collaboration and Print:
Journeys across Disciplines, Dialogues in Print.

Steve Brown
Material Matrixes: Building on a history of
improvisational developments in print technology

Session 24: Room 2G11
Mediating Media
Chair:Carinna Parraman

April Katz
Printmaking as the Matrix for
Studio Arts Curricula Transformation

Mary Modeen
‘Printmaking Process as a Journey of Becoming’

Session 25: Room 2F11
Print as Protest

Marian Crawford Kate Zizys
Works of Protest

Catherine Tedford
Street Art Stickers: Silent Agitators,
Paper Bullets, and Night Raiders

Yvonne Rees Pagh

Session 26: Room 2F13
Landscape and Place
Chair: Beauvais Lyons

Caroline Durre
The poetics of flatness: from imperial
cartography to sacred geography

Amanda Thomson
making a place: art and a multi-modal, multi-disciplinary approach

Mark Donoghue
Picturesque Scotland and Japan

Session 27: Room 2F14
Print Histories
Chair: Jo Stockham

Matthew Jarron
Printing Art in Dundee in the late
19th and early 20th centuries

Ruth Pelzer-Montada
Prints as Visual Narratives/
Narratives of Print

Jim Creed
Humanity in print: the work of Paul Peter Piech

Session 28: 2F15
Print Community Initiatives
Chair: John Phillips

Simon Ripley
‘Print on Prescription’ – printmaking in mental health

Ho Yin Fung
Promoting Printmaking to Enhance Social Capital

Cork Printmakers

Illustrated Talks & Academic Papers
03:30 – 05:00

Panel 8: Room 3G02
Chair: Beauvais Lyons

Curtis Bartone

John Phillips

Raluca Lancu

Panel 9: Room 3G05
Beyond the Flatlands:
Printing in 3D
Chair: Sandra Wilson

Lilia Gomez & Douglas Kinnear

Martin Reiser
3D Printing
Inside Out:

Jeffrey Sarmiento & Erin Dickson

Panel 10: Room 2G11
When This Becomes That
Chair: Tara Cooper

Jenn Law

Caroline Seck Langill

Barbara Balfour

Panel 11: Room 2F11
Publishing Networks
Chair: Pierre Leblanc

Marlene MacCallum

Clifton Meador

David Morrish

Steve Woodall

Panel 12: Room 2F13
Chair: Elaine Shemilt

Nicole Geary
Does uniformitarianism apply to memory?
Geology and personal history in printmaking

Valgedur Hauksdottir

Judy Macklin & Mark Macklin
Rapprochement of Art and Science
in the Watery Realm

Panel 13: Room 2F14
Chair: Matthew Jarron

Paul Coldwell
‘Scott’s Last Journey’
Print on the Peripheries:Mapping the Unknown

Carl Rowe

Panel 14 Room 2F15
Chair: Sarah Derrick

Chris Kelly
Print Summerschools: A Unique Route to
Health and Wellbeing through Printmaking

Jimmy Pasakos
Goldfields Printmakers ‘Borders and Crossings’

Barbara Salvadori & Jacky Blake
Outside Inside Sustainable Printmaking

Breda Skrjanec
Print Communities