Artist Book Events

The Book Artist as Explorer
Curated by David FaithfullArtist Book Events
Animation Studios, Crawford Building, DJCAD  

Commissioned Artists
Artists commissioned to create new work specifically for
‘The Book Artist as Explorer’ at
Impact 8 and the CAB collection (link to page)

Frans Baake
PRORA ‘nachdrücklich’

Helen Douglas (link to page)
The Pond at Deuchar

Alec Finlay (link to page)

Imi Maufe (link to page)
36 Tunnels and a Ferry

Finlay Taylor(link to page)

Emmanuelle Wackerle

Participating Artists:
Invited Artists included in ‘The Book Artist as Explorer’ and the CAB collection (link to page)

Frans Baake
Aits & Eyots, Eiland in Zicht, AQQ

Peter Bennett
Voyage, Going Away

Les Bicknell
the weight of invisibility

Susan Bovington
A tale of two cities…London/Paris

John Burnside

Angie Butler (link to page)
Tour de France

Kristien Daem
James T Kirk – Selected Works

Marinus van Dijke
Zwischen der Geschichte over sloten

Theresa Easton
Travels in Time

Michael Butterworth
Corridor 2 & 3

David Faithfull (link to page)
Aladdin’s Mirror

Simon Faithfull
Liverpool to Liverpool

Hazel Grainger
Here There (& Everywhere)

Jane Hyslop (link to page)
Collection III

Sakai Ichiyu, Kobayashi Kojiro, Sae Oshio (link to page)
Mita Takeshi & Maeno Tomohiko
Save as

Laurie Lax
Sea Blanket

Streaming Blood

Heather Mathew
Mariner’s Compass

Victoria Lucas

Freddy Dewe Mathews

Imi Maufe (link to page)
4 Weeks in France by Bicycle, 10 Significant train journeys in 10 Years, Journeys Around Highgreen, Physical Boundaries of an island

Eimerjean McCormack

Lucy May Schofield

Nicky Melville

Michael C Nicholson
Common Senses

Tamarin Norwood

Sae Oshio (link to page)

Sumi Perera (link to page)
Lines Exploring Space

Aine Scannell (link to page)
Where Sleeping Birds Lie

Jenny Smith (link to page)
What is the best advice you have been given?

Ian Stephan & Christine Morrison
Acts of Trust

Susan Timmins
Red Gown

Stephanie Turnbull (link to page)
Travelling Suitcase: Barcelona

JL Williams

Mark Wingrove
Fragments from Genady Aygi

Phillipa Wood
8 minutes Across

Inch Kenneth

Scottish Winter Climbs

Individual Artists Book Exhibitions

Hanneke Barendregt (link to page)
Artist Book in Transparency

Sara Bowen (link to page)
Conversations: Artists’ Books and
BookArtObject Edition Four

Jane Hyslop (link to page)
A68 Boxed Multiple Exhibition

Ousama Lazkani (link to page)
East meets West via the bit in the Middle:
Traditional to Digital

Siobhan Piercy (link to page)
Foreign Bodies

Martin Rieser (link to page)
The Office

Aine Scannell (link to page)
Unraveling Signatures

Randi Annie Strand (link to page)

Open Book Sessions

Joanna Foster (link to page)
Journey and Encounter

Chiara Giorgetti (link to page)
me. books

Marlene MacCallum (link to page)
Book Works:Theme and Variation

Liz Menard (link to page)
Nature of the Place

Tim Mosely (link to page)
Silverwattle Bookfoundry

Sumi Perera (link to page)
Nature of the Place

Jenny Smith (link to page)
Laser Cut Artist Books

Christopher Taylor (link to page)
Down on Paper - wallpaper to complete

Stephanie Turnbull (link to page)
Nature of the Place